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  • King size Joints up to 110 mm in length with the Raw Rolling Machine. Unlike other machines made of cheap plastic, this will last a lifetime! A high-quality rolling machine, popular with smokers around the world. RAW ROLLING MACHINE PROPERTIES Turning length: 110 mm Suitable for: Kingsize, Single Wide, 1 1/4.
  • This roller is perfect for kingsize or kingsize slims rolling papers. The Raw kingsize rolling machine will fit Raw king size papers or any other brand of smoking paper which is 110mm in length. The base is made from clear hardened acrylic and the sleeve for rolling is high intense vinyl that has been branded with the Raw logo, on the sleeve it indicates what size the rolling machine is.
  • The Raw 110mm Cigarette Roller will do a fine job of rolling a great cigarette. Raw is a well-known brand and they produce some top-quality cigarette accessories. This cigarette roller is easy to take with you on the go and will fit into a pocket or purse easily. This cigarette hand roller can use up to a king size rolling paper.
  • Check out the video to know how these machine works.